Customer service should be part of your business plan

Although customer service is sometimes viewed as an additional nicety, it is far more important than that. Customer service is integral to building customer satisfaction and loyalty. And no business can survive without customers! In fact, great customer service should be a strategy to build your business, not just a tactic to deal with customers if they should have problems.

We came across this great blog entry, from 1 to 1 Media, entitled The Five Steps to Customer Service as a Strategic Weapon. It is a worthwhile read.


Positive to an economic downturn

It seems logical and yet it is not common: ramp up your customer service when the economy is going south. After all, you should be trying to please (and thus retain) your current customers, especially if it is hard to attract new customers.  Some business are doing this more and more, as is reported in this article from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune. The article says:

…”consumers and consumer-watchers say many industries seem to be paying more than lip service to the notion of bending over backward for their customers.”

They do say every rain cloud has a silver lining!

Mark Twain said it best

Mark Twain most definitely had a way with words, and one of our favorite sayings by him is this:

“Always do the right thing. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”