Recession and Customer Service

At ARMA, we believe that customer service is essential, regardless of the state of the economy. Apparently, other businesses seem to think customer service is disposable, one more budget item to cut to keep costs low. We read this blog entry by Michael Hickins  in InformationWeek about how various companies seem to be cutting back on customer service.

We agree with Michael Hickins’ conclusion:

“Treating customers well is a much better way of ensuring repeat business than trying to trick them with dubious marketing practices or skating by with a poor excuse of an apology. Obvious as this may be, it seems to have escaped a lot of people in the digital landscape.”

To us it is self-evident that all customers wish to be treated well, and want to have problems rectified. Customers can deal with problems if someone is willing and able to help them fix those problems. Companies who pretend otherwise are not well regarded by their customers. Eventually, this causes an erosion in reputation, and customer defections.


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