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Emphasis on service

Many times, we think of customer service as a place where complaints are lodged. Not so.

As Jim Fletcher points out in this blog post for the Fort Worth examiner:,  ”

“….many businesses see Customer Care (aka Customer Service) as nothing more than a complaint center.  The reality of Customer Care is that it is vital to a company’s success in more ways than one.

A successful business treats its customers as royalty but knows that the limitations of good will have to be brought to bear at some point.  The key elements are to recognize and pro-actively seek resolutions that (a) satisfy the customers and (b) ensure that the relationships are profitable.”

What Fletcher is saying is simply that customer service is about satisfying customers and not just resolving their problems. It is about preventing the complaints from arising in the first place. He goes on to say that customer service is more than a department.  We agree. Customer service is actually a business strategy, with an emphasis on service to the customer. Everyone in the organization has a part in customer service, because as we have pointed out before, a company does not exist without customers.

Of course businesses must have someone to take care of complaints, because these do inevitably come up. However, reaching out to customers before they reach out to you will most likely help your bottom line.

What are your thoughts? We encourage comments and discussion.


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