Personal touch

It turns out that people like to do business with other people.  The article “Poor Customer Service Holding Back E-Commerce Sales”by Chris Crum (in WebProNews) says the lack of human assistance affects the purchase decision. The article references a poll that finds that 77% of customers would like to get help from a person before making a purchase online. The takeaway, says Crum,  is this: “While it is a good idea to make the online purchase as easy on your customers as possible, from simply the design and usability standpoint, you may consider whether or not you are offering enough human assistance, and how easy that is for the customer to obtain.”

Some companies are recognizing the need for personal assistance and face-to-face interaction. Samsung, for instance, is opening “customer service plazas” across Australia, complete with coffee and Internet, for people to bring in their products for testing. Read the story here.

Although automation can quicken some processes, some questions are more complex or involved.  In customer service, an important principle is good clear communication.  When there are problems to resolve, it is best to have a two-way interaction that is only possible when dealing with other people.


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