Customer service is a business strategy

Many think of customer service as a tactic–something to be deployed to quell customer unhappiness. In fact, customer service, as we have discussed before, works best when it is proactive, when it attempts to stave off customer unhappiness instead of dealing with complaints only.

Nissan South Korea agrees. It’s CEO, Greg Phillips, was interviewed by the Korean daily, JoongAng Daily. Here is an excerpt from his response to a question regarding marketing:

“What works the best, however, is word-of-mouth, and this is only achieved through first-class service.

Sales sell the first car, but service sells the second, third and fourth cars. Our focus on service can help us build trust with our customers as we gain their confidence. We are aiming to make long-term commitments rather than a short-term sales increase.”

Read the entire interview here.

Phillips is deeply aware that service is important in ensuring a happy customer experience. Happy customers are return customers, or customers that help in word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing. Making service front and center becomes a strategy to ensure positive WOM marketing.


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