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Some companies are getting it

You may have heard this week that General Motors (GM) is offering a customer satisfaction guarantee to people who buy its cars. Basically, a GM customer has up to 60 days to return a car is he/she is not satisfied, and get a full refund.  GM is trying to improve its customer satisfaction by giving customers peace of mind about a large purchase. It is also getting some great publicity mileage out of it. You can read more about GM’s program here.

Verizon has been plagued by a bad customer service reputation. Verizon Southeast (not country wide) is trying to remedy the situation by introducing the “Verizon Service Commitment,”  as reported here by the St. Petersburg Times. The company is publicizing the new policy in a a series of advertisements running in Florida.

The bottom line is that these large companies are coming to realize that customer satisfaction is an important business goal. They both are pledging/guaranteeing that customers will be satisfied with the product/service. An added bonus, which we are sure is intended, is the positive publicity this type of program elicits.

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