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Extreme customer service?

As we have discussed before, customer service has increasingly become a differentiator in business today. Some businesses are using better customer service to set them apart, to drive traffic and to increase sales. Today we came across a press release about a new online businesses that sells designer women’s shoes.  To se the business apart, the owner has decided to use “extreme” customer service, including staff availability on telephone, Twitter and others; hand written thank-you notes; and the ability to try the shoes for free.

We think this is a good tactic.  Extreme customer service may turn a one-time shopper into a loyal customer. It has been said before that you get 80% of your business from 20% of your customer base.  So it makes sense to build customer loyalty.

Do you have any examples of extreme customer service? Please share them in the comments. We are interested in knowing what companies are doing to attract and retain new customers.


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  1. This is a wonderful entry – I love the term “extreme customer service!” It has an obsessive/excessive feel to it that really cuts to the core of what the best of serving consumers is about.

    The one thing that strikes me as you list some of the methods of extreme customer service a particular business is using, is how common-place these actions once were…at least those you talk to who have been in retail/marketing more than 20 years. This was the norm, the expectation, by business owners of their employees and by consumers who were served by them. It speaks to the disconnect that’s been created between consumer and retailer, an abyss that the internet has been more than happy to step in to and occupy.

    While I do have extreme service examples that jive with those listed, I have more examples that are the opposite of extreme, as in extremely bad lol. Thank you for the article and the information!

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