Achieving business growth

To be in business means thinking about how to grow your company. Marketing certainly helps. Another factor is customer service. Companies that provide good customer service are companies that are growing. These companies recognize the centrality of the customer in growing a business.

Customer service can mean many things. It can mean taking new orders from potential clients. It can mean dealing with customers who are unsatisfied with the product or service. Or, as in the case of MacTech PC Pro, it can mean actually servicing the customer’s product (computers or other IT equipment needing repair). The Jacksonville, Fla. company has been in business for more than ten years, and is growing, in spite of the recession, as this article in the Daily Record reports.

“The businesses that are going to survive this economy are the ones that offer the best customer service,” said Darren Dillinger, 41, who co-owns the business with wife, Shay, 29. “That’s what sets us apart.”

In fields such as technology, expertise is key and non-technically oriented customers know they need help. Another issue is keeping abreast of changes in technology.

“We continuously adjust the business to meet our customers’ needs,” said Dillinger. “When we were Mac Tech Pro, we discovered that a lot of our customers also had PCs, so we added PCs to our company to better serve our customers.”

The bottom line is easy to see:  good customer service helps companies to achieve growth.


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