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Customer Service is a Value

Whether you are a business-to-business  (B2B) company like ARMA, or a business -to-consumer  (B2C) company like any number of retailers out there, you choose the values that your company represents. At ARMA, we place high value on customer service.  Our philosophy is that our customer comes first, and we work as hard as needed to make that customer happy.

A B2C company that is making headline for its high standard of customer service is Zappos. This online retailer sells shoes. Its CEO is Tony Hsieh, who has been getting lots of attention from the press and the blogosphere for his different approach to business culture. This blog entry, on Entrepreneur Corner, transcribes a recent conference where Hsieh spoke. Here are a couple nuggets:

We’re totally focused on customer service. Thirty years from now, we wouldn’t necessarily rule out Zappos airlines. We admire Virgin Airlines.

We really think of our brand in terms of the three C’s. Clothing. Customer Service. Culture.

Hsieh goes on to talk about the culture at Zappos, and the values that make up the culture:

It doesn’t matter what your core values are — as long as you commit to them. Don’t worry about whether your core values are the right ones. They should just fit your company and you should commit to them.

We admire Hsieh.  He has made customer service both a value and a part of the culture at his company.  And it has impacted his bottom line. just bought Zappos in a deal worth between $850  million and $928 million (according to TechCrunch). Clearly, the company has value and a has a loyal customer base.

Making customer service a company value has a real pay-off.



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