Person to Person

In large part, customer service is about the personal touch. It is about people getting attention from other people.

[picapp src=”1/8/4/c/Businessman_and_woman_60e0.jpg?adImageId=7113667&imageId=5065626″ width=”234″ height=”156″ /]

It stands to reason that certain businesses are more about personal relationships than others. For instance, this article from the British website Moneyfacts, reports that to British bank customers, personal service is still very important. Customers wanted to be able to go to a branch,  even more so than getting a good interest rate.

The article states:

Perhaps surprisingly, the level of service was the main consideration for 66 per cent of customers when choosing where to carry out their banking, compared to the 30 per cent of respondents who cited the place where they earn the highest level of interest as their main consideration.

Injecting the personal touch is a place where all businesses could find a competitive advantage. In an era where companies are cutting back on “live” help, and opting for automation, the truth remains that customers always prefer talking to a person, not a computer.

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