Improving customer service in a bad economy

Obviously, we think that customer service should always be a priority for business. In a bad economy, the tendency is to want to cut where you can.  However, maintaining a high level of customer service ultimately helps your bottom line.

We came across two articles that we’d like to share with you. This one, from the Idaho Business Review, interviews a business consultant, Rod Rohm about how to use technology to improve your business in this economy.

Getting your own house in order and communicating with key customers and suppliers are priorities, Rohm said. Technology can be an important tool to make that happen in a business environment that figures to run short on overall demand for a while, he said.

Rohm also:

… recommends giving cell phones to key customers and vendors, and giving them priority access to your business wireless phone. This helps business owners stay in the loop and capitalize on new opportunities quickly, especially if they take their business phones and networks with them in their vehicles, he said. Using e-mail saves time for all parties and allows people to streamline the flow of documents, he said.

Technology can also help you sound bigger than you are, according to this article in the Washington Post about Google Voice.

The article says:

Google Voice allows you to have an incoming call to the Google Voice number simultaneously ring on multiple phones. On an individual basis, calls could ring an office desk phone and a mobile phone at the same time to ensure important calls reach you no matter where you are.

Google Voice allows businesses to access sophisticated call features like forwarding and special ring tones for free:

The reason for its popularity isn’t hard to see. Google Voice provides a plethora of call handling features at a price that can’t be beat–free. For small and medium businesses, Google Voice is an opportunity to use advanced call management features typically reserved for expensive voice solutions in larger enterprises.

A free service that will help you stay in touch with your customers is definitely worth checking out!

Can you recommend other free or low cost technologies to help businesses with their customer service?  Please share.


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