Is your customer service up to par?

Apparently, many customers feel that companies do not provide good customer service.  The Phoenix NBC affiliate, KPHO, reported about an online customer satisfaction survey regarding major businesses that showed the highest and lowest levels of customer satisfaction.

Bank of America and Sprint/Nextel were  among those with lowest customer satisfaction levels. And among those at the top was Whole Foods.  The story reports that Julie McGough, of Whole Foods, said the following:

(…)the company stresses good service just as much as good food, but the real key is hiring the right people.

Clearly, Whole Foods puts the emphasis on employees, since they are the first line in interacting with customers. It is a good strategy.

According to and article entitled “5 Ways to Flub Customer Service” on CIO/Insight, there are at least five reasons your customer service may not be up to par. These are:

  1. Outsourcing without understanding the implications (provider may not understand your business culture, for instance).
  2. Relying on incomplete metrics.
  3. Not using analytics enough.
  4. Taking existing customers for granted.
  5. Trying to be everything to everybody.

There are probably many more, including not properly training your customer service personnel, and having a business culture that does not appreciate customers.

If you own a business, ask yourself if you are providing the best customer service. If you aren’t, it is time to start focusing on it.



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