What is the customer’s experience?

Companies that seek to differentiate themselves from their competition may well ask their customers what kind of experience they have had in dealing with the company. In fact, this area is a key area of differentiation, and a place where companies can retain and gain customers. Good customer experiences lead to happy customers who will want to do business with the company again.

According to a survey commissioned by Vovici, called the CE IQ Study, customer experience is a key differentiator:

…more than half, or 55%, of respondents say that customer experience is a core differentiator that distinguishes their business from others in their market.  Customer experience has arrived, and is now as important as traditional differentiators such as quality, service and staff capabilities. Despite the global economic contraction, price was not frequently cited as a core differentiator (18%).

Read the article and analysis here.

The bottom line is simple: improve your dealings with customers and see your bottom line grow.  On that note, here is the list of top 10 retailers for customer service. On the list are Amazon.com, Zappos.com,  LL Bean and others. Have you shopped at any of these retailers? What has your experience been?


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