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Customer service must be defined by service

Often, people think about customer service as what you get when you have an issue to be resolved. Say you bought a product that is defective and you need a replacement or you were overcharged and so forth.

But, the truth is, customer service is about attending to the customer. This means checking in with the customer: does he or she need something, have a questions, need special assistance? Or even, just greeting a customer.

An article entitled Customer Service Stinks, Survey Finds, in the Chicago Sun-Times, says that customer service was defined by lack thereof. The survey was conducted by the SALT and Pepper Group. Here’s what the analyst had to say:

“The biggest sins were sins of omission. Often, we would enter a store, or a specific department in a store, and the associate working there would not acknowledge us,” said Rick Miller, consulting analyst at the SALT & Pepper Group. The higher performers did a better job training and motivating their staffs, Miller said.

It seems fairly obvious that the first step in achieving excellent customer service is to acknowledge our customer. Greet him/her.  Simple, but effective.

Your thoughts?


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