Trendy customer service

If 2009 is to be remembered for its own customer service trend its got to be social media/Twitter. Going on to social networks to complain and/or engage with companies became very popular this year, and some companies responded. Comcast, Sprint, Dominos, United and various others opened up Twitter accounts and carefully monitored what was being said, and tried to respond appropriately. Zappos, the online shoe retailer, was at the helm of this trend.

Econsultancy commissioned a study, the 4th Annual Online Customer Engagement report. It found among other things:

  • the presence of companies on social networks has almost doubled from 23% to 44% since last year, and how the use of Twitter to boost customer engagement has gone up five-fold from 7% to 35%.
  • The louder voice of the customer can be problematic for businesses, especially when they have problems with products or services which they want to hide. Well over half of responding companies (61%) say they expect people to become less tolerant of poor service and this percentage has – tellingly – almost doubled since last year.

(From the recap article on, by Leonidas Gregoriadis.)

Over on Small Business Trends, Barry Moltz writes about the 10 Customer Service Trends for 2010. He looks ahead to discuss the continuing impact of social media, but also finds a trend for customer service reps to try harder to please and for companies to further personalize their services.


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