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You can stand out in a recession

We have discussed this before, but now we have a study out of Arizona State University to back it up:  customer service is the key to making it in the recession.

The study, Research Priorities for the Science of Service, from the Center for Services Leadership at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University (ASU), will appear in the Journal of Service Research. A press release on the ASU website describes the content:

Among the premises of the report is that “all businesses are service businesses” and that services dominate the economies of advanced countries. As a result, governments, academic institutions and businesses are calling for an increased focus on the science of service to direct and support emerging business models.

The press release also quotes one of the study’s contributors, Joe Shaheen, director for the Defense and Government Services division at Boeing:

The combination of the strained market and economic conditions has provided companies with the unique opportunity to engage and adjust, leveraging their current capabilities and focusing on the design of customer-centric service solutions for existing and new customers.

The bottom line seems to be that when the economy is not doing well, customers are looking for better service. Service adds to the value of what is being offered.


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