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Customer service helps the bottom line

Customer service can really help any business with its bottom line. Customer service keeps customers happy or at least not unhappy. Resolving problems instead of ignoring them does pay.

On the blog Small Business CEO, Dov Gordon writes a post entitled “How Your Small Business Can Easily Stand Out.” What do you think a business needs to do to stand out? Customer service of course! According to Gordon:

To stand out, dedicate yourself to your customers. Care more about helping them than you do about making money. The company that cares more will understand more. And the company that understands the customer’s world will think up ideas that will impact their world. In other words, they will stand out.

Dedicating time to understanding customers, helping customers and dealing with any problems and complaints pays off, not only for small businesses but also for large enterprises. Delta Airlines recently announced that it will be investing $1 billion to improve customer service, remodel aircraft and improve fuel efficiency. Delta is the biggest airline in the world. Although we don’t know the breakdown of how the money will be spent, the fact that Delta acknowledges it needs to invest in customer service proves the importance of keeping customers satisfied.

It is a simple fact that if a customer is happy/satisfied, he or she will stay with your business and if he/she is not happy he/she will seek the same service/product elsewhere.  Therefore, to retain customers you must make sure they are happy.


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