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Saying it nicely

Given a choice in customer service help, would people choose someone that is pleasant or someone that is not pleasant, all other issues being equal? The answer is a no-brainer. Most people choose to do business with people who are pleasant. Of course, if someone is pleasant but inefficient or incompetent, we’d rather put up with an attitude as long as it resolves issues.

Having said this, it seems that many times people in customer service are trained in how to resolve issues but not trained in how to deal with people.  Recently, we tried to get some information about a meeting space. The woman who “helped” us  was clearly unhappy with our questions. She mentioned a policy, and told us that as organizers we would have to tell everyone about it or else. Truthfully, we understood the policy, but we did not appreciate her attitude, her dismissive way of speaking to us. We decided not to use her establishment for our meeting.

People who excel at customer service are attentive, efficient and have good communication skills. They enjoy helping people and treat people nicely.  Even if you are delivering bad news, or cannot help someone,  saying it nicely helps relieve anger and frustration. It is that simple.

What are your thoughts?


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