Do you know how you are doing?

How do you know how you are doing? You ask! In order to get a sense of what your customers like or don’t like you need to have some way of surveying them or obtaining feedback.

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Perhaps you record your telephone calls with customers. Perhaps you collect feedback from your customers through surveys or focus groups. Maybe you track all email and letters.  But what do you do with the information? Do you have a way to measure it? Figure out what people like or not?

To do anything with information you must have a way of organizing  and analyzing it. According tothis article in DMNews, Choice Hotels recently recognized this issue and hired software company Clarabridge to develop an analytics programs for it.  The results have been very positive. Mark Weiner, Choice’s VP of customer care and reservations gave the following example:

“Clarabridge’s Content Mining Platform allows our representatives to tailor the solution to an individual customer,” he said. “If the same hotel has had a number of room-cleanliness complaints, the rep can solve the problem for the guest right away, rather than referring them back to hotel staff.”

To address complaints, and to understand where you are performing well and where you are not, you must first have a way for customers to provide feedback and then you must have a way to measure and analyze that feedback. If you don’t, you may be overlooking areas for improvement.

Do you measure your customer feedback? What method do you use?