How do you treat your guests?

Social media expert Chris Brogan has written a very insightful post on his blog, and it has to do with customer service. Brogan normally writes about marketing,  business and social media, but this time he writes about customer service and how it should be renamed guest experience:

Disney, where I am this week, has a concept called a Moment of Truth. A moment of truth is “any time a guest comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, is an opportunity to form an impression.” Note that it’s “an impression.” It can be good; it can be bad.

Why “guest?” Because guest is much more hospitable than “customer.” What “experience?” Because experience covers so much more than “service.” Service is important, but there are many other parts of the experience than just that.

Beside, how do you treat a guest? You generally treat your guests with hospitality. You welcome them. You want to make sure they are enjoying themselves. If you think of your customers as guests, then you must treat them well. After all, they are with you because you have invited them.

When we criticize customer service it is generally because of the way we were treated: rudely, dismissively. We complain that we did not get the help we needed or had our problem resolved.  If we treated our guests rudely or with attitude, they would leave because they would feel unwelcome.

The lesson here is simple: treat every customer as a guest to your business, no matter what kind of business you are in. You have invited the customer to try your product or service and you want the customer to be comfortable. Right?